The Power of Family & Friends at a Wedding

By August 2, 2014 March 18th, 2017 Life

Juli and Rich Wedding cheers

On June 22 Juliana Joy Glader and I got married in front of our family and loved ones. To say it was amazing, incredible, awesome, and absolutely magnificent just doesn’t cut it. In fact, there aren’t enough adjectives in the world to describe the power of the emotionsĀ  I felt that day.

We had a wonderful minister from the Unitarian church who, when we expressed our interest in writing our own vows, had a better idea. He suggested that we use a variation of the more traditional vows, but that we write a personal commitment to one another. This was a fantastic idea. Not only are we giving ourselves to each other, but we are professing an additional level of commitment.

I remember reading mine, trying my best to get through them without completely losing it, then handing the mic to Juli to read hers. Likewise, I tried to remember every moment and not fall to pieces with pure joy. Juli referenced making these commitments in front of our friends and family, and in that moment, we looked out to the audience. Gathered before us were as much family as could make it, and as many friends as the budget would allow.

It hit me then, the incredible sense of responsibility of professing that commitment in front of all family and friends. Not only did we make that commitment to one another, but we did so in front of 130 people who know us, love us, and support us. We were not just making a commitment to ourselves, but to our loved ones.

Every time I look at Juli I see the woman I love. Every time I think about the vows, I think not just about how I vowed to her, but also how I did so in front of those most important to us. To speak something is to bring it into reality. By speaking it publicly, we are committed not just to each other, but to everyone in that room. That public declaration was, and is, s a very powerful thing.