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VC Minute: Tell an Investor You’re Interested

By April 7, 2021April 18th, 2021Startups

Let’s talk about telling an investor you’re interested. 

It may seem to you that after spending the last 30 to 60 minutes pitching your business to a venture fund that you obviously want them to invest in you. It may not be obvious. 

I heard of a case last week where a startup nearly missed out on getting a lead because the fund didn’t think the startup was keen working with them. 

I’ll share with you a story I heard somewhere along the way in my sales career. A local guy was running for a local political office. He ran a good campaign but lost. Afterwards he’s talking to his neighbor and as he’s bemoaning the loss he says, well at least you voted for me. The neighbor looks down sheepishly and says, well the other candidate asked me to vote for her and you never asked me to vote for you.

How are you going to get the sale if you don’t ask for the close? How are you going to get the investment if you don’t ask for it? 

Tie it in with why they’re a good fit for you. It can be as simple as, we think you’re a great fit for our business because of your investment in XYZ and your expertise in marketplaces. We’d like to have you involved and welcome your investment. What are the next steps in your process? 

Listen to the whole episode here:
Startup of the Year Podcast #0052 – Dave Dworschak of Kamana Explains How to Build a Startup For Acquisition

On this episode of the Startup of the Year Podcast, Frank Gruber talks with Dave Dworschak, the Co-founder and CEO of Kamana (, about their recent acquisition by Triage Staffing in 2020.

Kamana is an alumni of the Startup of the Year program and was an Established Ventures portfolio company. More specifically, Kamana is is customer-centric, feedback-driven software for the healthcare staffing industry and it enables the healthcare workforce to manage their credentials and careers from a single place, and staffing agencies to hire and collaborate with the workforce far more efficiently.

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