About Rich

I spend 100% of my time supporting early stage entrepreneurs on their journey. I’m fortunate to be able to invest in a few, and to make connections, offer advice, and provide a national stage to many.


  • Participated in the successful fundraising of a new venture fund.
  • Created a venture investment vetting framework.
  • Connected startups with clients, investors, and leaders.
  • Co-authored a playbook on how government can successfully engage with the startup community.
  • Won major contracts with new and existing clients.
  • Hired, nurtured and managed many teams across multiple companies.
  • Taught Lean Startup methodologies to corporate and startup clients.
  • Built an international team to evangelize IBM Cloud & Watson to startups with three years of consistent growth numbers.
  • Developed playbooks enabling non-startup IBMers to quickly and easily engage in the startup community.
  • Expanded reach through internal partnerships across multiple IBM divisions.
  • Finance & sales background.


SpringTime Ventures – Venture Partner

October 2017 to present

Founding partner in a new micro-VC fund investing in seed-stage tech startups in the Rockies. Created deal flow and due diligence framework for efficient, intelligent decision making.

Established – VP, Engagement

July 2018 to present

Wherever and whenever possible, discover, promote, foster, connect, build, and/or fund innovation that can change the world for the better. We establish innovative thinking, ideas, and companies wherever we can.

Previous Experience

Engage Here – Co-Founder

December 2017 – June 2018

Engage Here connects corporations to startups that are a strategic fit for their objectives. We partner with community leaders in two dozen cities around the world to source high quality, vetted startups for our clients.

Econic – Lean Startup Practice Director

July 2017 to October 2017

Managed relationships at active clients, developed inside innovation programs for major corporations including US Bank, John Deere, and BlueCross BlueShield. Taught Lean Startup methodology.

IBM – North America Manager, IBM Global Entrepreneur

April 2015 to June 2017

Responsible for hiring, training, and leading the team of startup advocates/evangelists for SoftLayer and IBM, as well as community development in the Rockies region. Managed headcount of up to nine, plus multiple dotted-line-relationships in four cities.

In 2015 I rebuilt the team, making hires in key cities, and developing strategy, tactics, and gameplans for our engagement model. Enrollments grew 116% year-over-year in 2015, with credit usage more than quadrupling, all while holding retention rates steady.

In 2016 we were fully integrated into IBM, merging Softlayer’s program into IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program. The IBM team was drastically reduced, and our budget cut with it. My focus shifted to integrating my team with the remaining IBM teams, and teaching the gameplans we developed. By following our playbooks, non-startup people within IBM were able to successfully engage in the startup market; this was critical to our success in 2016.

Despite the reduction in IBM resources, the program continued to outperform in 2016, growing enrollments by 23% and credit usage by 36%. I expanded the Global Entrepreneur program’s reach by developing relationships with departments inside of IBM, including Watson, Watson IoT, Global Business Services, Sports & Entertainment, Ventures, Office of the CIO, and many more.

SoftLayer an IBM company- Community Development Manager

July 2014 to April 2015

Managed community development for most of the nation, from Portland, OR to Pittsburgh, PA. I traveled extensively, growing SoftLayer’s startup business through partnerships, mentoring, and conferences. Promoted to manage the US & Canada team in 2015.

Engage Colorado – Co-Founder

2013 – 2016

Founded with the goal of bringing communities together. We organized Boulder Startup Week 2013, and then brought the event NewCo to Boulder in 2014. We continue to run NewCo Boulder, and participate in startup communities around the world.

REMaloy LLC – Principal

2011 – 2014

Filled myriad roles throughout the years. Highlights include: creating pro-forma financial statements, raising angel funding, developing websites, building online communities, and YouTube video producer, to name a few.

Sales career, multiple companies

2004 – 2013

Started in tech staffing sales in 2004 with Robert Half Technology. I rose to Division Director, and reached President’s Club two of four years with RHT. Responsible for full lifecycle client management in both structured and unstructured sales environments.

Corporate finance career, multiple companies

1998 – 2004

My first career was in corporate finance, starting with a billion-dollar division of New Corp where I was responsible for all reporting and analysis. In all companies in this career, I developed reporting and operations systems ranging from simple spreadsheets to complex ERP implementations.

Detailed work history: linkedin.com/in/richmaloy