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VC Minute: VC Validation

By May 21, 2021June 21st, 2021Startups

Let’s talk about venture capital and validation.

Lack of venture investment does not invalidate your business.

The purpose of a business is to sell goods or services. The purpose is to create something of value that people or companies will give you money for.

The purpose of venture capital is to pour rocket fuel into your business to accelerate your growth. That rocket fuel may cause your business to explode—in the “explode into a million little pieces and leave nothing behind but a smoldering hole in the ground” sense of the word.

That smoldering hole in the ground that contains the ruins of your startup hopes and dreams, is an accepted outcome of the venture capital business model.

Venture capital is a very specific financial instrument. It just so happens to be the one that the media is absolutely obsessed with and covers extensively. Generally speaking, that rocket fuel pairs well with SaaS and other hyper-scalable business models. But not all and not always.

Venture capital does not necessarily validate your business. Lack of venture capital absolutely does not invalidate your business. If and when you choose to take venture capital, remember, it’s just fuel. It has to be the right fuel at the right time for the right machine. And even then, you still have to build a business that serves its customers. 

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