Off Armageddon Reef

Off Armageddon Reef audiobook cover

I couldn’t get through this book. It was so bad that I wrote a review on Audible to warn others off. Here’s part of it:

What it does do nicely is give a concise history of 17th & 18th century warfare tactics and developments. But I didn’t download this for history, I downloaded it for thought-provoking sci-fi.

Lastly, as if the history lesson were not enough to put me to sleep, the unstoppable main character whose super powers are unmatched in this luddite world does not even bring the slightest bit of tension or excitement to the story.

Publisher’s Summary

Humanity is in hiding. Invention, progress, change… all are forbidden. Now it’s time to change all that. The science-fiction epic of the decade begins here.

When Earth herself lay under siege by an enemy humankind could not defeat, mankind undertook one last throw of the dice: Operation Ark. Earth’s final colonizing expedition was meant to build a new civilization, on a planet so distant even the Gbaba might never find it and without the high-tech infrastructure whose emissions might betray its location.

Eight centuries later, a commander from that Expedition, Nimue Alban, woke up in a cave on a planet called Safehold. She was surprised to discover that the fanatic administrators of Operation Ark had used mind-control techniques to create a false, brutally suppressive religion whose entire purpose was to forbid invention and innovation forever.

But a tiny fraction within Operation Ark’s leadership remembered the truth and believed in human dignity and freedom. They’ve given Nimue Alban a carefully hidden cache of technology and the capabilities of the android body in which her memories, loves, hopes, and dreams live on. Now it’s her job to somehow provoke the technological progress and freedom of thought and belief that the Church of God Awaiting has worked centuries to crush.

Genre: Sci-Fi