Series: Revenger by Alastair Reynolds

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If you’re a fan of other Alastair Reynolds books and series such as the Revelation Space series, then you can appreciate his ability to create compelling characters, vast universes, and yet highly specific and detailed individual worlds. The Revenger series is all of those things, and yet completely and utterly different than any other book of his I’ve read. 

Set in a ruined solar system far in the future, humanity continually rises up from the rubble of previous ruined civilizations, spreads out within the system, and relies on the technology of past ages, most of which they can’t replicate or build upon. While individuals struggle to keep themselves alive in the chaos of space, there’s a deeper conspiracy underlying the story, one that is just starting to get revealed at the end of book two. 

As more books come out, I’ll continue to add them here. In the meantime, this is my new favorite series to recommend. 

Genre: Sci-Fi, Steampunk
Series: Revenger | Subjects: Series Review
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Series: Old Man’s War by John Scalzi

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The first review I wrote for this series was after finishing The Last Colony, and thinking the series was done. I didn’t think much of it, partly due to the short book length, and party due to not really appreciating John Scalzi’s writing style as much as I do now. I digress. I enjoy this series. I love how the aliens are all so very, very alien. And I like that each book follows different characters—making the true main characters the Colonial Defense Force and Earth (and aliens as a whole). 

I can’t honestly give this my strongest recommendation as I love the longer, deeper, space-opera style books. However, the writing is solid, there’s a lot of humor throughout—laugh out loud humor—and it takes place in a vast universe. It is a very good series. And I haven’t even finished it, yet.

Genre: Sci-Fi
Series: Old Man’s War | Subjects: Series Review
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Series: Star Force by B.V. Larson

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Formulaic plots, flimsy characters with zero growth, and dozen books in the series are all great reasons to pass on this entirely. There are interesting parts of the series and perhaps under a different author I would have enjoyed this as a space opera worth a couple of re-reads. But, it’s not. And I won’t waste another word on it.

Series Reviews

  1. Swarm
  2. Extinction
  3. Rebellion
  4. Conquest
  5. Army of One (novella)

Genre: Sci-Fi
Series: Star Force | Subjects: Series Review

Series: The Lost Fleet by Jack Campbell

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I recommend this series for the exquisitely detailed space battles. and the way the main character navigate the military-turned-bureaucracy politics. I can’t rightfully give it my strongest recommendation because ultimately, it’s candy. The books are quick, easy reads, and they don’t push you to think. It’s tasty without a tremendous amount of substance.

It also could have been four or five books. Despite having read the series twice, I can barely differentiate each book except the first and last. 

Genre: Military Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi
Series: The Lost Fleet | Subjects: Series Review
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Codex Alera - Tavi

Series: Codex Alera by Jim Butcher

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I cannot recommend this series. The plot lines of books two through six are so similar that I burnt out on it and even after the final book came out, I debated whether or not to buy it for six months. There are things about the series that are good—the magic system is very interesting and unique. The world is large enough to provide new settings in each book. And the main characters are well-written. The the author’s credit, he really makes his main character struggle and earn it in every book. But the rest was too repetitive for me to rightfully recommend. 

Genre: Fantasy
Series: Codex Alera | Subjects: Series Review
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