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Renewable Powered, High-Tech Glass Greenhouses
We design, finance, build, operate and maintain our renewable powered, high-tech  glass greenhouses. Each off-grid facility can be built anywhere in the world; taking under-utilized ag land and turning it into optimal farm land. The company is focused on agtech innovation; with a specific focus on robotics, process automation and energy efficiency. 

📍 Location

Phoenix, AZ

⚙️ Product Stage

Functional prototype

🏭 Industries


🤑 Fundraising Status

Actively raising

📈 Last Funding Stage


💸 Total Funding to Date


Big Win

We recently secured two binding LOI's for the first greenhouse facilities. They will be built in Hawaii and Pennsylvania. The company also submitted a provisional patent for our Mobile Sensor Robotic Vehicle; which capture plant health data and greenhouse performance data to optimize yield and revenue for produce farmers. 

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Sean P. Lyle


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