Book Reviews

NOTE: I am still writing reviews and working through my entire 200+ audiobook library.

I grew up listening to “books on tape” in the car with my family on road trips. The six of us would pile in the station wagon and head out from Pittsburgh for the two-day journey to St. Louis to see my Mom’s parents, or one-day trips to parts of the northeast. We would always have books on tape in the car for the journey, usually borrowed from the local library. 

When I discovered Audible in 2007, I knew it was for me. What I didn’t know was how it would change my life. Up until I started Audible, I could force myself to get through just a few books each year—or maybe none. 

With audible, I’ve read over 200 books since signing up in 2007. Most of my favorite books I’ve read at least twice, some as many as five times. I’ve gone from barely reading one book a year to tearing through two or more per month. 

I’ve wanted to start this cataloging and reviewing for quite a few years, and finally kicked it off over Thanksgiving at my in-laws. Armed with a fine glass of Pinot Noir, and with the rest of the family tucked in for the night, I set out on this journey of cataloging, reviewing, and organizing—digitally. 

I’m quite astonished with how much I’ve read. Some books I can’t remember specifics—they obviously left very little impact—and others are personal favorites that I heartily recommend to anyone.

Feel free to ping me if you have any recommendations for me, or if you’d like a specific recommendation from me.


Rich’s Reco’s

Books series in this list get my highest possible recommendation. I find these are the books I suggest to friends, acquaintances, and the occasional stranger on the street. 

The Complete List

Every book, every series, reviewed and cataloged in alphabetical order.


Swords, sorcerers, magical powers, maybe some elves. You know it’s fantasy if it has trees, castles, medieval arms, or swirly magicky things on the cover.


Getting down to the real world. Some psychology, some economics, some anthropology, and lots of business books.


Spaceships, wormholes, time travel, and extra-terrestrial beings. You know it’s sci-fi if it has spaceships, futuristic guns, or strange planets on the cover.

Series Reviews

Sometimes one book isn’t enough. Then again, sometimes it is. Regardless, if I’ve dug into the series, I share my summaries here.

Hall of Shame

Books so unbearably bad I couldn’t even finish them. (link forthcoming)