Transforming the world through
innovation and entrepreneurship


I believe that starting a company to create value, or joining a startup to further its value is the most important thing in the professional world. Whether you’re working on a plugin, a micro-loan app for 3rd world countries, or making a really cool toy: you’re building, you’re creating, you’re bringing something to life. Your work supports your local economy, helps your customers, and solves a problem.

When I read of tragedy and strife in the world, whether corporate graft, government injustice, rising inequality, I see opportunity for people to use technology to shine a light into dark places. For every chart I see about the fall of the middle class in America, I see another dozen about the rise of startups and entrepreneurship.

I believe that startups are going to save America from a downward spiral of inequity. I believe startups are going to rescue the middle class. I believe startups are going to empower people—regular people like you and me—to once again directly influence government. And I believe that through innovation, startups are going to transform the world, giving the opportunity for all people to grow, learn, and earn.



Clear communication is the cornerstone for every aspect of leading a healthy, productive life in an interconnected world.


When in a stable, consistent environment creativity and productivity will flourish.


With good communication in a consistent manner, we can then hold ourselves and others accountable.


An open mind and open heart allow us to welcome the full potential this world has to offer.


Welcome others, seek common ground, find opportunities for collaboration for the benefit of all.

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